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Make Your Life and Work Simple Again!

More margin. More fulfillment. Better connections. Higher productivity. Simpler life and work.

Designed entirely to help you
live with passion and lead with purpose.

Here's the Good News...

Your Life Matters. And Your Work Matters.

Your job isn't just a job. It's where you have the opportunity to give your best to the world.

It's where your words change lives and your ideas change the marketplace. It's where you build your legacy, share your message, and live your cause.

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Quote It’s always been my belief that you have to first lead yourself well before you can lead others well. Michael does the hard work of simplifying the complexity of leadership into an easy to follow process. Each phase of Guidestone University builds upon the next, which allows you over time to create healthy teams, healthy relationships and a healthy personal life. It’s holistic leadership training at its finest!
- Jonathan Milligan
Founder of Blogging Your Passion

Are you just winging it?

Finding time for planning and personal growth can seem impossible. You know you need to continue growing and improving for your life and your work to make an impact in the world. But finding the time amid all the chaos at home and at the complexity of the office can be downright overwhelming.

No matter how hard you try, nothing ever seems to work the way you want it to. You can never catch up. It gets more difficult to make time for planning, reflection, and personal growth.

All you want to do is love your work and make a difference!

So your work became a job, instead of your passion.

What if There Was a Proven Path to Simplify Leading and Accelerate Growth...

Well, there is!

Dr. Michael Nichols is an industry-leading expert helping executives, administrators, entrepreneurs, and leaders simplify their work and life to live with passion and lead with purpose.

He's coached leaders, teams, and organizations all over the US and around the world to experience dramatic improvements in their life and work.

He coaches busy adults in organizations from Fortune 500 companies to stay-at-home entrepreneurs and has been named Top 100 Leadership Speakers in America by Inc. and Top 100 Executive Coaches in America.

Today, our clients include CNN, Staples, Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, Airbus, Chick-Fil-A, Federal Aviation Administration, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and many more.

But not too long ago, he was just like you - struggling to find time to grow personally and professionally...

You're Not Alone!

For years I navigated increasingly complex challenges in my life, in my work, and in my leadership journey - launching new businesses, as a young leader handling conflict with older leaders, being betrayed by the very people I was serving, and grieving painful loss.

I've been there - trying to improve in the margins of life.

I stayed up late - and got up early - reading the books, listening to the podcasts, buying the courses.

And nothing worked.

In fact, all those things only brought more complexity and confusion. I secretly wondered if there was something wrong with me. If I just wasn't cut out for leadership. If there was some problem deep inside that I'd never be able to conquer. If I should just quit trying and resign myself to going to the office for a paycheck.

What I needed was a simple, proven process and tools that I could work through on my own that would help me experience dramatic improvements at home and at work.

So we did something most busy leaders only dream of doing...

We created a stunningly simple, yet powerful process and training to help leaders succeed.

Inside the member's area, you'll discover a simple leadership process to follow, over 50+ training sessions, videos, guides, and workbooks for every level of leader. You'll find our step-by-step videos to be engaging and fun. And we're adding more weekly! Just follow the action steps for each lesson and you'll experience the same dramatic improvements in your life and work that hundreds of leaders all over the world are experiencing!

An Online University for Leaders.

Quote The thing I love most about Guidestone University is that not only is the information that is shared helpful and challenging, it's also real. The coaches share their stories in a way that is truly authentic. That authenticity helps you know that as a leader, you're not alone, and that regardless of the struggles you face, there is hope for you. Guidestone University makes a path, that can sometimes be dark and lonely, clear and full of hope. I highly recommend it regardless of where you are on your leadership journey.
- Rebecca Livermore
Founder of Professional Content Creation
Writer for Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and others

The Result? HUGE Success!

Guidestone University is the one tool I needed throughout my career to make leadership simple for me.

The exact tools I needed - every day, every month, every year. And now they are available, accessible, and, best of all, affordable when you need them.

In fact, every product we've ever created - guides, templates, books, audio training, video training - thousands of dollars worth - is included inside Guidestone University.

And today, hundreds of busy leaders have joined the community of leaders and are experiencing more margin, better connections, great fulfillment in their work, and higher productivity.

Fall in Love All Over Again.

The Secret to Rapid Business Growth (and Getting Unstuck)...

We get it - and we've heard it before. You've tried all of the programs you could get your hands on.

The difference maker is training and tools that are simple, powerful, and cost-effective.

Guidestone University has tons of amazing content you would receive from a highly-rated business coach, AND it has been designed by people who struggled with many of the same issues you are facing yet has experienced dramatic improvements in life and work and built highly-successful teams and organizations.

And, you can learn at your own pace. And we'll be there along the way to help you make the progress you want to make.

So it's perfect for people who want to find more margin, be more fulfilled, make better connections, be more productive - but need the tools and training to be simple and easy to use.

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Guidestone University

But That's Not All...

  • Learn how to consistently focus on who and what matters most.

  • Get clarity on your “hard wiring” and understand how to operate in your strengths and avoid stressors.

  • Get serious traction towards your next big goals and life purpose.

  • Have an entire community of leaders in your corner who know how to bring out your best.

People Just Like You are Simplifying Their Life and Work to Live with Passion and Lead with Purpose.

Check out what it’s like to experience Guidestone University!

Quote I started working on Course 101 Purpose and stayed up half the night to complete it! It's great stuff, and the video lessons helped me to make changes to take my leadership to the next level. I can't wait to work through the next course!
- Mick Coffman

Quote Guidestone University is excellent and is all you’ll need right out of the box. It was incredibly easy to get started and even includes the tools you need within the sessions themselves without having to go elsewhere. Plus, the support team is very responsive when you need help and are always looking for ways to make it even better than it already is!
- Sean Paulsen

Quote I could not be happier! Guidestone University has allowed me to make significant progress personally and professionally. It’s incredibly easy to use and when I have questions (and I've had lots) the coaches have been incredibly responsive.
- Jenna Kitrell

Quote I have worked with other coaching firms, but when I was experiencing some incredibly frustrating challenges, I switched to Guidestone University. I had spent many frustrating weeks, months, and years trying to make progress and I can truly say I learned to hate my work. But the training and resources in GU have made my work FUN again! There is so much to discover and it just works! This was money well-spent and now I can use my time looking forward and developing my team instead of solving problems all the time.
- James Marshall

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